Fighting the Lion in the Closet!!!

Fighting the Lion in  Closet!!!

Today one of you woke up this morning stuck in a place of fear, anger, stress and defeat. You searched and searched for the answer, but to no avail, you were unable to figure it out. Each time you opened up that closet door you were defeated by that lion that just would not let you win. He would not let you get the best of him, so you closed it and continued to live in misery. Well, It’s time to let the Lion out and face your adversities. You have let him beat you throw you around and take over your life for to long. I challenge you today to stand up to him with all that you have. Win your peace back ,your sanity , your courage and strength… Fight until you cant fight anymore and you have the Victory you have been searching for. Learn to transition into your Happy Season and let nothing hold you back..



I Love Me Some Him, But Does He love Me!!!

I love Me some Him
His Smile his kiss, the way he holds me in the night,
I love Me some Him, the way he walks the way he talks with such confidence,
I love Me some Him, the smooth talk that comes from his mouth,
I love me some Him, But surprised one day to see,
that when I looked in his eyes, I couldn’t tell if He loved me.

How many of you are stuck in that relationship, where you have to ask yourself everyday, Does He or She still love me?  What will you do? Do you continue to fight for that special someone in your life in hopes that they will one day come around to loving you back…. When is it time to let go? Do you stay in that un-progressing one sided relationship or let it go and start learning to start LOVE Yourself…. Please take this poem to heart… Read it as many times as you need for a clear understanding…. Then ask yourself those five words “Does He/She Still Love Me” and what ever your answer comes to be, make sure it is the one that makes you Happy!!!!!


Creating A Happy Season..


If Not You, Then Who?

If Not You, Then Who?

Look at you…Sitting there waiting for him/her to take charge so you can follow behind like a baby chick waddling behind its Mother. Yes you!!! The one who waits to see what the other person is going to do before you decide to get up off your behind and do something!!!! What will it take for you to get some umph about yourself and take charge of your life, your relationships, your job or family. If not you, then who? Well let me tell you, SHE will comfort him when he needs it, HE will be that shoulder to cry on, your co-worker will take advantage of that new position, and your family will be in a disarray because of your weakness. But you have the power to stop these things from happening, if you just trust and believe in yourself… Do a little soul searching and find that person within that is not afraid of a challenge or change and then put it to work. Don’t allow yourself to become lost and trapped in your Season….

Creating A Happy Season!!!!

Leave It All Behind!!!

Leave It All Behind!!!

Ok beautiful people, today I challenge you to let it all go, all the heartache, all the pain, all of the stress and all of the anger that you have built up in you for what ever reason. Don’t allow these THINGS to sit dormant in your life, because in the end there is nothing to gain….Leave It All Behind…Ask yourself what is it that makes YOU the happiest, and then go and get it!!! Let no one or thing stop you from reaching your Happy Season.

Creating A Happy Season!!!

Wake Up People!!!!

Wake Up People!!!!

Let today be the day that you decide you are going to Live. No more excuses!!! To often we make excuses of why we cant, but rarely embrace the reasons of why we should. Life is beautiful and every morning we should wake up with the expectations of It being a better day then it was yesterday. Be Happy In your Season and Live it to the fullest. Remember, Nothing is promised.

Creating A Happy season

Fight Through Your Season!!!

The thunder kept pounding and for days I would sleep,  Entangled in a nightmare of struggle and feat.  My body felt beaten and bruised and worn, as I prayed for a sign to help me move on.

It came as I lay there no warning in sight, That in this here moment, I Had to Fight.  Through all the heartache the stress and the pain, Fight my fears and anger so none would remain.

I rose that next morning enlightened to see, that I fought through my season and it didn’t Beat Me…

by Denna Scott


Creating Your Happy Season

Wake up and Smell The Coffee!!!

How do we know when it is time to move on?  It is oh so simple to become complacent in relationships, on our jobs, with friends.  But when do you know that enough is enough.  Are you one of those who wait until your feelings are hurt or do you wait until you are so stressed out that you cant think straight.  Well STOP!!!! It is time to wake up and smell the coffee.  Sometimes we are so afraid of the word CHANGE that we will not allow ourselves to do or experience things differently.  While stuck in one of my season, I learned to adapt to change and found that it was a beautiful thing.  I allowed myself to become apart of the change rather than fight it.  I have to say it was an adjustment, but I was able to make it work for me by finding things within the change that benefit me, that I could relate to and that I enjoyed doing.  I Challenge you today to step out on faith.  Take hold of the situation you are in, and make the decision that is going to make YOU feel good. If this means moving on, then so be it.  Don’t let your fear of change be the reason you continue to be in a broken place.

Creating Your Happy Season!!! 

I’ll Just do it tomorrow..

Did you wake up this morning and say this to yourself? If not today I am sure on some occasion you have uttered these words. I have learned that many times when you detour from a planned event or situation, you rarely return to it as planned.

Food for today…If you plan on transitioning in your season, you have to remain focused and consistent with doing so in order to expect change .

Creating a Happy Season

Learning to Live in your Season

Are You Content In Your Season?

June 17, 2014

Season: in this context is referred to a period in your life characterized by particular circumstance or feature.

What Season Are you in?   Have you learned to be content in it until the next one comes along?  Learning to be happy in any life state is not always an easy thing to do.  We often want more out of life and are not satisfied with what we have or the direction in which we are going.  “We want some more, We want some more,” Is the phrase that often pops into my mind.  But what is more?  Is it more material things that we have become  driven by in today’s society, Is it more in our relationships, Is it more financially or spiritually? And what are you doing in your life to create change to in order to transition into the next season.

I challenge you with the following circumstances we sometimes face, and then ask that you try to apply them to your life and watch your seasons began to change…

1)  Have I Made my House My Home? House can be described a s many things in this text, your body, your current dwelling place or the emotional space that you are in right now.   Understand that just because you have a house, does not necessarily mean that you have made it your home. The place in which you are supposed to feel the most at peace in with no worries.  You must first learn to be happy in the space tha you are in mentally, physically and spiritually and  until you have learned to accept and do just that you will find it difficult to  be happy with who you are and where you are trying to go.

2)  Why Hasnt my financial situation changed?  You have to learn first to be happy and grateful for what it is you have and not let Greed, Things and Wants cloud you mind. Patience!!! without it you will become overwhelmed and developed what I call the Why’s and Why Not’s in life and block yourself from moving forward.  This can effect you on your job, in you business or even in relationships.  Learn to take what you have and be happy with it stop complaining  and eventually your situation will get better.

3)  When Is It My Time?  Continue working and focusing on becoming a better you at home, on the job ,in your relationships or whatever it is you are seeking to change.  Try to train yourself to think Smarter not Harder.  take the time to think about where you are and where you would like to progress to.  When you began to do this , you will gain a better appreciation for self and your thought process and direction in life will begin to change because of the conscious decision you will begin to make vs those decisions you made on a whim.

Remember it is important to be content in your current season in order to reap what God has in stored for your next.  Be happy and grateful for what you have. Live in the moment.  remember that some seasons have storms, hurricane, and tornadoes, and although they may leave devastation and pain, they do transition… It s how we handle them that makes all the difference.


Learning to Be Content In Your Season