I Love Me Some Him, But Does He love Me!!!

I love Me some Him
His Smile his kiss, the way he holds me in the night,
I love Me some Him, the way he walks the way he talks with such confidence,
I love Me some Him, the smooth talk that comes from his mouth,
I love me some Him, But surprised one day to see,
that when I looked in his eyes, I couldn’t tell if He loved me.

How many of you are stuck in that relationship, where you have to ask yourself everyday, Does He or She still love me?  What will you do? Do you continue to fight for that special someone in your life in hopes that they will one day come around to loving you back…. When is it time to let go? Do you stay in that un-progressing one sided relationship or let it go and start learning to start LOVE Yourself…. Please take this poem to heart… Read it as many times as you need for a clear understanding…. Then ask yourself those five words “Does He/She Still Love Me” and what ever your answer comes to be, make sure it is the one that makes you Happy!!!!!


Creating A Happy Season..



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