Fighting the Lion in the Closet!!!

Fighting the Lion in  Closet!!!

Today one of you woke up this morning stuck in a place of fear, anger, stress and defeat. You searched and searched for the answer, but to no avail, you were unable to figure it out. Each time you opened up that closet door you were defeated by that lion that just would not let you win. He would not let you get the best of him, so you closed it and continued to live in misery. Well, It’s time to let the Lion out and face your adversities. You have let him beat you throw you around and take over your life for to long. I challenge you today to stand up to him with all that you have. Win your peace back ,your sanity , your courage and strength… Fight until you cant fight anymore and you have the Victory you have been searching for. Learn to transition into your Happy Season and let nothing hold you back..



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