I Took the S.H.O.T and Made It!!!

This game of life can be overwhelming.  With so many tricks and turns, you never know where you will end up.  Things don’t always seem to work out as planned and there are times when you feel as you are backed up against a brick wall.  What do you do? What is your excape plane?

I challange you to take the S.H.O.T!!!
Shake it off
Hold your head up
Take Charge


Another one of my formulas for living Happy…
DennnaT Scott
Creating a Happy Season

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Shhhhhh, Are You Listening!!!!


Can you hear it? Listen closely, it’s your inner voice trying to get out. It wants to let you know that you are phenomenal. Don’t ignore it. Stop, Listen and Take notes. It wants you to know that you no longer have to be afraid. Grab hold of its hand and stretch out on faith, your words have power, if you would only listen and allow yourself to believe. They can lead you down a path of Greatness. It’s because I took the time to listen and believe that I am now receiving what has been destined for me. I am Walking In my Season!!!! Walk with Me….

Creating Your Happy Season



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Know Your Worth!!!!

When you wake in the morning and get out of that bed, you look in the mirror and what do you see? I’m not asking what do others see, but what do you see? Are you a reflection of what someone wants you to be or are you the product of what you were chosen to be? Are you Happy with your soul or are you waiting for a description from someone that you feel their approval is much worthier than your very own? STOP!!! It’s time to change the way you think, and believe that you are the Best you that you can be.

When you look in that mirror from now on You say to yourself, I am Beautiful, I am Fantastic, I am secure with who I am, I am Confident, I can do all things with god by my side. My limits are endless. If you learn to speak positive words into your life, you will eventually speak them into existence. Know your worth, you are somebody Great and Deserve to be treated and seen as such.. Walk into your Season!!!

My goal is to inspire, motivate and help others create a new and happier way of thinking in their lives…Walk with me

Creating A Happy Season

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I Love Me Some Him!!!!


Today I am Happy to say that we have made it another year… 19 years and counting with my soul mate.  My ride or die, my rock.  We have shared so many great years together and couldn’t imagine my life without him..  I dedicate this post to my Best Friend, my Hubby who has helped me through many of Seasons… Happy Anniversary My Love!!!

Creating A Happy Season

I Woke Up…


I woke up this morning with a praise in my heart, a cloudless mind and a greater purpose.
I woke up this morning knowing that my present will be greater than my later.
I woke up this morning believing that I can do all things with god by my side…
I woke up… Yes I Did…
There’s no stopping me now, Im on my way pushing through all obstacles that were placed in front of me, making room for my season and what a Season it will be..  Walk with me!!!

Creating A Happy Season!!!


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You Needed This…Your Welcome!!!!

Hey You,

Pick your head up..its going to be alright.  There is something greater waiting around the corner and it has your name on it.  Dry up those tears and shake it all off.  GOD’S got your back.  His office never closes..nope!!! open 24 hours 7 days a week.  His phone is never busy, he’s always waiting to receive your call.  Let it go, put it all behind…that Season has ended and a new one has arrived. Its yours for the asking!!!


Creating a Happy Season


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Short and Sweet!!! Let’s Get Motivated…

Let’s get Motivated!!!  

Say It With Me..

I am Strong

I am a Believer

I am full of Possibilities

I will not, Can not, Shall not be stopped

I am on my way to Greater things

I am Walking In My Season!!!!


Say this out loud to yourself today.  Believe it and Receive it, It’s yours for the asking…..  Continue to walk in you Season!!!

Creating A Happy Season

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If You Won’t Love Me, Then Hold On and Watch Me Love Myself!!!!!

I am tired of feeling so alone as if you don’t care.

I am tired of being in a relationship  without any movement, just there.

I’m giving and giving with all of my might, but still to no avail no change in sight.

No shoulder to cry on, No hand to hold, no sign of emotions, just stiff and cold.

There is so much missing this cant be right, to tired, to drained cant bare to fight.

But wait, why am I allowing you to have control of my life,

It’s time for a change as we can clearly see, Now  watch me take charge and let Me do Me.

Watch me love on myself , that beautiful me, from the crown of my head, to the soles of my feet.

my walk, my talk, my beautiful smile, My intelligent way of thinking that starting to run wild.

I love this beautiful skin that I am in, turning heads as I move with confidence and flare. Holding my head up high without a care.

I no longer need your approval on what should be, Because I’m walking in My Season and I’m Loving Me Some Me!!!!

So many of us get stuck in relationships with a partner,a friend,on a job and forget about what it is that makes you happy.  Get back to doing those things tha puts you in a happy place.  Life’s progressions depend greatly on you and your happiness.  Learn to love yourself!!!

My goal is to inspire, motivate and help others create a new and happier way of thinking in their lives...Walk with me

Creating A Happy Season


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Because I Won’t Allow it!!!!

I won’t Allow you to take control of my life and treat me as if I mean nothing.

I won’t Allow you to get into my head and cloud it with negative thoughts and feelings.

I won’t Allow your mangled way of thinking to control my every move.

Oh No, I won’t Allow it.

I won’t Allow you to back me up against the wall struggling to free myself.

I won’t Allow you to take my kindness for weakness.

I wont Allow you to make me shed an unnecessary tear.

Oh No, I won’t Allow it.

I am Bigger, Stronger, Wiser, Happier and Bolder then you will Ever be. And I will never Allow you to take Control of Me.

For some of you this is a reality. You are fighting with something and need to let it go and leave it behind. Don’t Allow It!!! Get walking into your Happy!!!

It is my goal to Motivate, Inspire and Create a Happier way of Thinking & Living for you all…

Denna T Scott

Creating A Happy Season


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I am because I say I am
I DO because it is gods will
I Live because I know of no other way
I Love with all of my heart and soul
I Give because I choose to bless others
There is no limit to what I can do!!!!

In a simple phrase explain what your “I” means to you!!! Spread the love and inspire others.. you never know who’s in need…


Creating a Happy Season

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