Which, What kind of, Who’s, How Many, How Much, The start to a formula for achieving SUCCESS!!!

Ahhh!!! The world of Pronouns.  Remember this from your English class?  After coming across it again while helping one of my children with his homework assignments, I began to look at it in a different light and incorporate it into the way I live my life today.  By asking myself these questions daily, it helps me to move forward productively.

Which:  Which direction are you moving in in your season.  Is it one that will give you gratification? Is it one that will meet all of your expectations? Will you be happy with your decision?

What kind of :  What kind of goals have you set for yourself?  Are the goals you set realistic?  Will they allow you to accomplish that, in which you are seeking?

Who’s:  Who’s responsibility is it to make sure the choices you are making are good choices? Are you making conscious decisions?

How Many:  How many times will you second guess yourself before taking charge and following through with the decisions that you have made?

How Much:  How much will you sacrifice in order to achieve that Thing, whatever it is, that will make you the happiest in your life?

These questions are a great start to a formula that can help with you transitioning into your season.  The key is to Believe that you can, Work hard at it, dedicate yourself to it and You Will then begin to see results.

I hope that you will continue to walk with me in finding your Happy Season!!!

Creating A Happy Season



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