It’s Complicated, Or Is It?

Complicated:  make (something) more difficult or confusing by causing it to be more complex.


After reading and studying the definition of Complicated,  I realized that it is what it says it is.  But things don’t have to be Complicated, We are the controller of our lives.  Its time to learn a new way of thinking.   A new way of approaching the challenges that are presented to you. Do not allow yourself to become consumed with what I call “Thoughtless Thoughts” that eventually send you into a stressful state.  Try following these few simple steps to relieve your “complicated ” world and begin walking into your Happy Season.

Step 1.  Clear the Clouds,  You can not think clearly if your brain is clouded.  try to clear your mind by writing things down, making a list or recording your thoughts for later.

Step 2.  Pull and Weed,  Just because you had the thought, doesn’t mean that it is useful at this time.  Try to weed out those things from your list that are least important factors in what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

Step 3. Fold it all together,  Take all of the thoughts that you have gathered, in whatever shape or form, and mold them together in a way that they make since to you.  Remember these are your thoughts so you have the power to arrange them however you want, as long as they make since.

If you follow these simple steps thoroughly, you should be able to avoid a complicated season.  Also be patient, it takes time to get through some seasons, but that doesn’t mean that you are not on the right track and are not accomplishing anything.

I hope that you will continue to walk with me in finding your Happy Season!!

Creating A Happy Season













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