If You Won’t Love Me, Then Hold On and Watch Me Love Myself!!!!!

I am tired of feeling so alone as if you don’t care.

I am tired of being in a relationship  without any movement, just there.

I’m giving and giving with all of my might, but still to no avail no change in sight.

No shoulder to cry on, No hand to hold, no sign of emotions, just stiff and cold.

There is so much missing this cant be right, to tired, to drained cant bare to fight.

But wait, why am I allowing you to have control of my life,

It’s time for a change as we can clearly see, Now  watch me take charge and let Me do Me.

Watch me love on myself , that beautiful me, from the crown of my head, to the soles of my feet.

my walk, my talk, my beautiful smile, My intelligent way of thinking that starting to run wild.

I love this beautiful skin that I am in, turning heads as I move with confidence and flare. Holding my head up high without a care.

I no longer need your approval on what should be, Because I’m walking in My Season and I’m Loving Me Some Me!!!!

So many of us get stuck in relationships with a partner,a friend,on a job and forget about what it is that makes you happy.  Get back to doing those things tha puts you in a happy place.  Life’s progressions depend greatly on you and your happiness.  Learn to love yourself!!!

My goal is to inspire, motivate and help others create a new and happier way of thinking in their lives...Walk with me

Creating A Happy Season


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