5 Steps for Cleaning Out Your Closet, Mental Closet That Is!!!


Often times we become so wrapped up in our busy lives, and day to day activities, we forget to take time out to Breath and give our bodies the proper maintenance.
Here a five simple things you can do to feel energized and revived to get through that next season.

1. Free your mind: clear out all of those negative thoughts,words and events from the day or week and past.

2. Exfoliate: Allow yourself to relax in a hot bath or shower, and gently scrub away the negativity and clutter allowing them to flow right down the drain.

3. Meditate: Find that happy place in you mind and think about it. Allow yourself to go there without any interruptions.

4. Eliminate: Release anything that may be weighing you down, relationships, job, stress and replace it with a positive thought, situation, goal or moment.

5. Beath: Take a deep breath and let it out. All of the Frustration, Aggravation, Worries, Sorrow and Fear.

Except change and get clean!!!

Incorporate these simple steps and apply them, as often as needed to your life. Your Closet should stay free of clutter!!!


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