Change Is A Choice, and Making it is the First Step!!!!


Seasons Change:
Lately I have come accross several individuals who continue to move back and forth day after day, month after month, year after year and end up right back where they started, getting absolutely nowhere.  They continue to want change and express the need for change, but does nothing to create it.  If  This sounds like you, then lets talk.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself and think about why you as are still stuck in this unprogressing state.

1. What am I afraid of?

2. Why do I continue to make the same choices on my job or in my relationships that get me nowhere?

3. When will enough be enough?

4. How many times do I have to get knocked down, fall on my face, only to get back up and have it happen again?

5. Am I happy with who I am?

Only you know your expections for your life and where you would like to see it go.  You have to begin to believe in yourself and the choices that you make. Start planning your life with goals and list or something that you can follow, so that you dont continue to move in circles.
Belive that you can and follow through…



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