I Stand Tall, 7 Steps for Motivation And Strength in yor Life


I stand tall like an aged pine tree on a hot summer day, allowing noting, No challanges to get in my way.  I move with the wind careless and free for I know that today I will live free.

This simple poem has big meaning.  Saying it daily as you rise in the morning along with mastering these simple 7 steps, just might give you the freedom you have been looking for to motivate and strengthen your life.

1. CHALLENGE- whenever you are faced with a challenge in life, believe that it is reachable and that you Will get through it.
2.  PATIENCE- remember the struggle you are facing is just temporary and with time it will get better.
3.  FAITH- believe that in whatever you are doing or trying to accomplish the outcome will be positive.
4. CONFIDENCES- trust in what you believe.
5.  ACCEPTENCE- accept the good and the bad and griw from it.
6.  POSITIVE ATTITUDE- stay positive through the best and worst of times, and the end will be great.
7.  CHANGE- embrase it for what it is and enjoy the transition. 

Creating Your Happy Season

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