Your New Season Is On The Other Side of That Door, But You Have To Walk Through to Claim It!!!


Seasons Change:
Motivational Monday

How many doors have you allowed to shut behind you wondering what could have, would have or should have been on the other side?
Time waits for no one people!!!  It’s time to stop letting your dreams, wants and happiness sit dangling in front of you and walk through that open door.  Dont allow yourself to continuosly miss out on your next season. 
Your season can only change, by your actions and thats taking the steps necessary to do so.

Step 1.  Get Naked- cleanse yourself mind body and soul of all the negativity and un-needed stress.

Step 2.  De-clutter- organize and throw out any distractions that may be clouding your thought process. (This could also refer to toxic people and relationships in your life)

Step 3. Write it down- make a list or a vision board to help put thoughts in some kind of order.

Step 4.  Plan it- make a plan and Stick to it.

Step 5.  Give it your all- stop approaching things half heartedly.  Put your best foot forward in all that you do, in order to gain its fullest potential.

Dont let that door close behind you.  Follow these few steps, Grab your faith, patience and understanding and walk through with your head up high and claim your next season..


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