5 Sure Ways To Fight Through Your Fears!!!


Fear comes in all shapes, forms and sizes. It  comes in every category of our lives relationships, family, work, school and many more.
Each and everyone of us has been faced with the feeling of fear.  It is the inevitable and often times, we dont know how or what to do to get through it.

Here are a few steps to help control your fear and reactions you may have as a result of them.

1. Put It in writing.
The best way to begin this process is by writing down those fears that seem to bother you the most.
*Make a List.

2.  Get to know it.
Find a comfort zone with your fear.  The more comfortable you become, the easier it is to depict and fight through it.
*Welcome it in, then beat it.

3.  Don’t feed it.
The more you feed into your fear by constant thought, stress and anxity, it has no other option but to grow.
*Channel your thoughts.

4.  Relax.
Breath, take a minute to relax, dont allow fear to scramble in a cluttered mind. The more relaxed you are the easier it is for you to think.
*Breath in, release fear.

5.  Make peace with it.
The longer you allow your fear to have leverage over you, the more it will take over your life and destroy you.

Release it, flip it, break the bond and find the positive in it. How? You may ask, by remembering that before it was fear it was something else that probably wasn’t as bad that brought on the fear in the first place.
*Let It Go.

Try following these few steps.  It may take a little more time for some then other’s, but remember, “It’s the first step that gets you to the end result”

Creating Your Happy Season

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