Smile, I Hear You and I’m Listening!!!

Smile, I Hear You and I’m Listening


Every Friday I dedicate my social media websites to showing or paying gratitude.  In the past few weeks I have been shown much gratitude from so many people known and un-known all over the world and it has been truly overwhelming. Just when you think there is no one listening!!!

So It got me to thinking and I came up with my own way of showing my gratitude to many of you.

Over the next few weeks my gratitude Fridays will be dedicated to one special random person.  It can be someone from my past or present.  I see so many people making an impact in many ways, but often go un-noticed.  Now, dont be surprised if you see your name in lights. It’s because YOU deserve it.

I want people to understand that you don’t have to see a person everyday, talk to them on the phone all of the time, or have a personal relationship with them to see that they are doing great things and that it is ok to let them know.  Social media and word of mouth go a long way.

If you happen to know any of the individuals showcased, please feel free to leave a positive and encouraging comment.  I will also list any social media information, business information and websites for you to follow up on these amazing people if available.

Who? Am I, you may ask.  Someone who loves people for who they are, greatful for life and dedicated to helping others find their Happy Season.

Denna Taylor-Scott

Creating Your Happy Season

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