Happiness Is!!!


Being happy is one thing, but learning how to stay happy is a job in itself.  We wake every morning not knowing what the day will bring, but hoping for nothing but good.  Unfortunately things dont always go as we plan.  How do you manage when faced with unexpected situations? When a brick is thrown at you and you feel as though your world has shattered into tiny little pieces?  Do you give up? Do you get angry, or do you stress yourself out, not able to eat or think straight? 
Here are a few ways that can help you get through some of those chilly seasons and bring bavk to your happy place.

~ Release It: Take a second to breath and release the negativity and anxiety.

~ Channel your Thoughts: Clouded thoughts lead to  unproductive change. You have to be able to think clearly in order to produce clear thoughts.

~ Flip it: At the bottom of any problem there can be a positive outcome.  It’s how you go about changing it that will give you the result you are seeking.

~ Pay Attention: Dont allow the situation to be a re- acurrence and repeat itself over and over. Get to the bottom of it and learn from it.

~ Leave It: Once you have come out of your situation… LEAVE IT THERE!! Let it be a learning experience and do all that you can to not go back.

Walk away from your problems and don’t carry them with you.  Learn to smile more,  laugh more, sing more and enjoy the happier things in life and stop dwelling on past happenstances that don’t allow you to Live Happy. Transition yourself and you will begin to love more of You.

Creating Your Happy Season

Denna Taylor-Scott
Create Your Happy Season!!
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