Have You Had Your Cup of “T”?


Wake up people.  Have you had your good old cup of “T” yet?

Not your everyday morning liquid livation, but your “T” that helps to get you through your day no matter what the problems, circumstances or situations.  Your “T” that helps solve all your problems and cures your ailing soul when there is no one else around to help you get through. 
What is your “T” you ask? It is whatever you choose for it to be that will help assist, guide and transition you in to a better state of being.
Your “T” has the power to do woderful, miraculous, life changing things. But it’s up to you to believe that it can and will.

Your “T”is speacial because it comes in any flavor and you get to chose it yourself without the help of anyone else, and can use it at your leisure.

I Challange you to take a minute today and find your cup of “T”.  Apply it to whatever you are doing today and see how it works. Then share your cup of “T” with us in the comment section and let us know how it has helped in you in any way.

My cup of tea for today is “dedication”

Denna Taylor-Scott
Creating Your Happy Season

#happy #season #selfhelp #motivation #inspire


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