Finding Your True Color On Your Fall Tree!!!


Now that the beautiful onset of fall has shown its face. And the ever so changing coloful leaves cover and hang vibrantly on the trees, it got me to thinking about life and how we as people are in so many ways just as beautiful and as coloful as those leaves on those trees.

>We Adapt day after day week after week to whatever is placed in our paths. 

>We Transition time after time into various changes and situations presented to us.

>We Adjust to our environment and those in it.

>We Change according to our circumstances.

As you began to trasition into your new season and prepare for your leaves to change, ask yourself, What color leaf would you chose to be and what will it represent for your life.

My color:  Burnt Orange: It has just the right brightness mixed with a little darkness and mystery just like me.

Representation:  It represents character for me.

Denna Taylor-Scott

Creating Your Happy Season

#sesons #tree #prepare #yourself #represent #life


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