When Loyalty Forgets You Existed!!!


Loyalty: a strong feeling of support or allegiance.

Lately I have been approached by several people questioning the lack of loyalty shown by family and close friends.

The one thing I have noticed is that they feel as if they have to stop thier whole lives and can’t fuction because of it.

My question to each of them was “If you could choose anyone to declare their loyalty to you and it be everlasting, who would it be?”

The responses surprised me because each and every person chose a family member or close friend, but never once considered themselves.

We are the worst critics and supporters of ourselves.  One must first learn to be loyal to themselves before seeking it from others.

Try a loyalty swap. For one loyal act you seek from another person, start implimenting it into your life, your action, your work.  The key is to start training your thinkng process to perform differently and it is a given that you will see better results.  Seasons Change!!

Denna Taylor-Scott

Creating Your Happy Season

#loyalty #results #inspiration #motivation #live


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