Learn To Live In Peace!!!

Good Morning Season Changers!!!


Peace will only come when you decide to let those other things go.

The only way you can begin to change in life is by excepting the fact that not all things are good. Release it!!!

Make today the day you release all of those unworthy thoughts, feelings and situation, and start living Life.
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Creating Your Happy Season
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5 Simple Fear Fighting Steps, I Fear No More!!!


Good Morning Season Changers!!!

It was fear that kept me in the shadow of my own destiny. I will take charge of my life and plow through it with the purpose of elevating to the top of my greatest expectations . I Am No Longer Afraid!!

Fear Fighting Steps:
~ Fight through it
~Trust Yourself
~Believe that you can
~Focus on the change
~Secure it and move on..

The moment you allow fear to take over your life, you will eventually lose control.  Believe that you are bigger than that “Thing” and take your Life back…
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Creating Your Happy Season
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Don’t Turn Your Back On Life!!!

Seasons Change:


Be an encouraging voice not only to friends today, but to yourself as well.
The moment you give up on life and stop believing, you potentially allow yourself to miss out on what is in stored for you.  Because we as humans expect thing’s to happen right away and lack patience, we often end up giving up or throwing in the towel.
You are worth it..Wait on it people!!! You have no idea what you may be missing out on.  “It may not come when you want it, but believe and it will show up just in time.”
Denna Taylor-Scott
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Creating Your Happy Season
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5 Steps on How Not to Be Defeated By Life!!!

Good Morning Season Changers!!!
5 Steps:
Knowing when not to let defeat Win…
Fight like you have never fought before there is joy on the other side..


We all derserve to be happy… So when will you find your joy and stop allowing defeat to take over you life and win
You are bigger than your problems, but it’s time to learn how to fight through them and come out un-defeated on the other side.
Here a 5 good ways to get you to your othet side and your joy:
1.  Believe in yourself~ trusting and believing in you, your goals and your ability to do well is all the strength one needs.
2.  Fear is no longer an option~ you cant move forward if you are constsntly afraid.
3.  Release it and let it go~ stop holding on to old baggage that continues to hold you down.
4.  Push forward~ no one believes in your journey more than you.. Make it happen by moving forward and not letting anything hold you back.
5.  Don’t look back~ when you walk forward in your journey leave anything that was not usable, toxic or un-nuturing on the floor behind you.
It’s time to walk in a new season people and that transitiin starts with you today right now!!!
Denna Taylor -Scott
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Creating Your Happy Season

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