Reaching Creats Change!!!



Greetings Season Changers,

Just wanted to stop in today with a bit of encouragement.  I recently noticed something in my life and would love for you to feel what I have experienced.

I began to implement one of my own antidotes into my ” Think Differently” regimen and it has blessed me.  It has allowed me to look at life differently and has encouraged me to process my thoughts in a more effective manner.  If you are at all interested please continue to read and share your thought.  If you have an antidote that my be useful I would love for you to share.

Ok, so I implemented the REACH process into my daily routine, I didn’t put a limit on when to use it or how to use it.  If I came across a situation where I felt it could be used, then by all means I used It.

I learned something about myself and that was there were many things I have been seeking for in life and asking for, but in no way was I reaching for it.  Yes, I would put in the work and wait for it to happen, but that wasn’t enough.  I had no clear process of how I wanted it to happen or the steps I should be taking to make it happen.  So, here It is.

Reach- arrive at; get as far as (verb)

Release it and let it go 

Expect the unexpected

Allow change to come in

Chose wisely

Have a clear understanding

I can honestly say that since I have been using these steps, I have excepted and enjoyed the changes in my life.  I would encourage you to try them as well, or come up with your own antidote, and stick to it.  The only thing that can hold you back in life Is You.  Walk in your season.

Creating your Happy Season

Denna Taylor -Scott


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