Hear My Story…A Simple Thank You To all of you!!!!

Today I am taking a minute to show my gratitude to you all for your support.  For those of you who follow me on my other social media websites, Blog with me and show your love and support by liking  or sharing my post, You are greatly appreciated.

For those who do not understand my movement please follow and get to know me.  I post and blog from the heart.  It is important for me to reach the unreachables, to encourage those in need and to inspire in any way I can.  I began this journey after losing two very important people in my life, My Father and my one and only Sister to that wicked disease Cancer.

The two of them taught me a lot, and because of them I am no longer allowed to be weak.  I watched as the two of them fought their own separate battles, but at the same managed to uplift and encourage others.  It is thorough their strength that I am able to write and be a blessing to You.

I continue to have a love for people even when they can’t even seem love themselves.  My years of experience in Support Service and Social Work has allowed me to help and motivate so many and I am blessed because of it.

Please feel free to reach out to me if need be.  I am always there for a listening ear and to help you through your season.  Thank you again for being a big part of my Seasons Changing.

Creating your Happy Season

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Denna Taylor-Scott

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