How Often Does Your Sun Shine!!!!


Mondays Motivation:

How often does your sun shine?

Life never goes the way we want it.  In some point and time a curve ball is thrown and change is the only way to get things back on track.  No mater how much we try to fight it, it’s inevitable.  So, how do we cope with it?  What actions do you take to adjust to it?  Do you allow it to controle you or do you conform to the situation and work through it?

For many, it’s a lot easier to let complicated matter’s consume you and develop anger and animosity toward it.  It’s easier to place blame or shift resposibility. But is it right?

We all have our own way of dealing with life’s transitions and some may take longer than others to do so.

But one thing I have noticed in people including myself is when we are faced with change and things are disrupted in our lives we tend to forget about those things that are still going well and progressing.

An Antidote:
I am learning to except what I have no control over, and enjoying those things that are still as they should be for the moment.
I have shifted my way of thinking eliminating negative and unpleasant thoughts from my mind replacing them with the expectations of something greater.
You can only do these things if you are ready to believe in yourself and find joy in all that life has to offer.  It’s not as hard as you think, but you will never know unless you try.
Denna Taylor-Scott
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