Monday Motivation!!!!

Good Morning Season Changers!!!
Monday Motivation:


Sometimes the one person who believes in you the least is that same person who fuels you to be the very best you can be…
Live today for yourself and not to please others.
Now that this new year has come presented itself I hope that you have done a little gardening and have gotten rid of those toxic weeds.  It is now, that you should be focusing on how this year will be different from the last.
I challange you to wake every morning like it is the best morning ever.  Leave any negative thoughts, feelings and people in that dream or sleep you have just awakened from.   Remember the first feeling you wake with can be a reflection of you through out your day… Why not make it a Great one…
Seasons Change..
*please feel free to share any of my original posters so that they my inspire or motivate others*
Denna Taylor-Scott
Creating Your Happy Season
#newyear #change #2015 #motivate #live


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