My Soul Has Been Anchored!!!

Good Morning Season Changers!!!
Seasons Change
My Souls Been Anchored…
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Storm: a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.

Though the storms keep on raging in my life,
and sometimes it’s hard to tell my night from day.
Still that hope that lies within is reassured
as I keep my eyes upon the distant shore;
I know He’ll lead me safely to that
blessed place He hs prepared

But if the storms don’t cease,
and if the wind keeps on blowing,
my soul has been anchored in the Lord.
~Douglas Miller

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I May Not Have It All!!!!

Good Morning Season Changers!!!!
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Monday Motivation…


“I May not have it all, but what I do have is enough for me… Life, Health & Strength”

Stop and take a look at what God has brought you through.  It is often so easy to want to follow in the footsteps of those who appear to have “it all”, but what does that mean.  Just because it looks good on the outside does not mean that the inside has no flaws…

If You woke this morning be
If You have food on your table be “Thankful”
If You have a roof over your head be “Blessed”

Seasons Change…

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What Are You Thirsty For?

Good Morning Season Changers!!!
Food For Thought…


IN ONE WORD  “What Are You Thirsty For?”
having or showing a strong desire for Something.
synonyms: eager, hungry, greedy, thirsting, craving, longing, yearning, lusting, burning, desirous, hankering. (

Life stands still for no one.  We all have goals, dreams and aspirations but often lack thirst to go after them.  It’s time to start living life to it’s fullest and bringing those dreams to life… Get Thirsty!!!!

Now what will you do to quench that thirst?

Seasons Change!!!!

Denna T Scott

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